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 Top 5 Reasons Why We Work Hard for Our Clients

JHM has valued customer service since our inception more than 40 years ago. It is something we pride ourselves on and something we strive to continue to excel in.


JHM has valued customer service since our inception more than 40 years ago. It is something we pride ourselves on and something we strive to continue to excel in. We provide great customer service because we put it as a priority and because we innately believe in it. It is part of who our employees are personally as well as professionally. It also empowers us to work hard for our clients. We believe you are more than a number. We do use that phrase a lot, and we mean it!

Here are the reasons we work hard for our clients:
  • We are highly respected among Chattanooga accounting firms and Chattanooga business advisors.
    There is a reason for this. We have education and experience, but we are highly respected because you give us the opportunity to serve you, to work alongside you. We owe you our best.
  • Because every client is an important part of our accounting family, we have built a reputation for being proactive and responsive to their needs.
    We are each more than “just an auditor.” We often become a trusted advisor in evaluating big decisions. In addition to the firm’s wide range of industry expertise, our clients enjoy value-added services such as computer support, technical assistance on accounting and tax matters, and informal feedback on just about any related subject. 
  • We are led by great leaders and are all individual leaders.
    This high level of service is only possible through our “firm concept,” in which each client is served by the whole firm, not just one individual. All 35 team members are empowered by this team spirit. 

  • JHM’s people-centered culture allows our firm to attract and retain some of the brightest, most forward-thinking accounting professionals in the market today.
    It is true that if you build it, they will come. We have built a strong, productive business, and it has attracted like-minded individuals who care about more than the bottom line. We are unique, we feel, and it shows in our team.

  • JHM’s far-reaching involvement with Chattanooga nonprofits allows us to give back to the community we love. 
    Not only does this help us on a professional level, but also it inspires us personally. We know that being a part of the community is more than just having a business space. It is building relationships and discovering what our clients care about. We have grown as a company by discovering the passion of our clients. And, we are better for that. It pushes us more to work hard so we can help our clients make a difference. 


About JHM Certified Public Accountants
Since its founding in 1977, JHM Certified Public Accountants has grown to specialize in accounting, auditing and tax services to nonprofit organizations. Additionally the firm serves a diverse range of business clients throughout the Southeast Tennessee/North Georgia region, ranging from small start-ups to large corporations, with a significant concentration of clients in the construction, hospital, nonprofit / governmental and assisted housing industries.

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